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3d book cover paperbackJust so you know…I recently released a new book!

Actually, it’s the first book of my ground-breaking three-part series written for parents of divided families.  Why this type of series you ask?

Well, we currently live in a world where millions of families are headed by single parents, more than 40% of children are being raised without their fathers, and thousands of blended families form in the United States every day.  Although in an ideal situation, parents would be happily married, in a relationship, or at least able to parent together peacefully, in many of our realities, unfortunately, the ideal situation does not exist. What’s very troubling to me is the fact that children who live in a divided or blended family are three times more likely to need psychological counseling than other children. I attribute this not to the fact that the family is divided, but because the parents are unable to parent peacefully for the best interest of their children, and essentially the children are stuck in the middle of an ugly battle which oftentimes leaves them torn and confused.

Just in case you didn’t know, I grew up in a divided/blended family and I am now married with three children of my own, (one who is technically my stepson, whom I love as if he were my biological child) and I too get to experience the daily life of being a mother in a divided/blended family; it has been a journey, to say the least.  But, through my experiences as a child, and now a wife, mother, step-mother, and Family Law Attorney, I have deciphered the most practical methods divided/blended families can implement in order to co-parent successfully and/or otherwise protect their child’s best interests, so I wrote to share these methods!

Watch the video below for the deets!

By the way, For a limited time, you can order a personalized, signed copy of the book exclusively via facebook, by clicking on the image above.  It’s also available on Amazon  and Kindle.  If you are an Amazon “Prime” member, you can borrow the book for free! I’m also in the midst of planning the book tour and signing events nationwide. I’ll keep you posted!

Please share with anyone you know who is in a divided/blended family and can benefit from this valuable information.